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Article by Marlon Malbry

October 2023

Rooted in Wellness: The Royal Rootz Journey to Holistic Health


In a world filled with processed foods and artificial additives, Royal Rootz stands as a shining beacon of health and wellness. Founded with a mission to promote the natural path to well-being, Royal Rootz, under the stewardship of Joseph Coleman, has become a symbol of purity and goodness. In this exclusive interview, we dive deep into the roots of Royal Rootz, exploring the inspiration, commitment, and vision that have driven this all-natural juice and seamoss business to flourish.


The Roots of Royal Rootz


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind starting Royal Rootz? What motivated you to create an all-natural juice company?


Joseph Coleman, the visionary behind Royal Rootz, shares, "What motivated me to start an all-natural juice and seamoss business was seeing my people struggle with health issues and not having a healthy alternative with no side effects as far as medicinal medicines go!" Joseph's passion for health and wellness serves as the foundation of Royal Rootz.


What sets Royal Rootz apart from other juice companies? How do you maintain your commitment to using all-natural ingredients?


Joseph emphasizes Royal Rootz's commitment to all-natural ingredients, stating, "I’ve noticed being one of the youngest to start an all-natural juice business; I was locally and will maintain by strictly using all-natural ingredients and nothing processed! Staying true to my Rootz."


Could you share some insights into the flavors and varieties of juices that Royal Rootz offers? What's your personal favorite among them?


Royal Rootz takes pride in offering authentic, health-enhancing choices. Joseph explains, "I do my best to stay away from fruits and vegetables that are genetically modified and serve the body no true purpose as far as healing." He admits it's hard to pick a favorite but shares that his main go-to juices are watermelon, mango, and cucumber.


Nurtured by Jackson, MS


You're a Jackson, MS native. How has your upbringing in Jackson influenced your approach to business and community involvement?


Growing up in Jackson played a pivotal role in shaping Joseph's commitment to his community. He recalls, "Seeing the passion of neighborhood elders who maintained an outreach in having a green thumb and sharing with their neighborhoods inspired me." Jackson instilled in him the value of community and health.



An Entrepreneurial Odyssey


Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that led you into entrepreneurship and inspired you to start Royal Rootz?


Joseph's journey into entrepreneurship was catalyzed by a profound moment. "After I decided that I didn’t want to play basketball anymore, someone very inspirational to me asked if I ever tried teas, and the rest is history!" This spark ignited his research into natural herbs, fruits, and vegetables, eventually leading to the birth of Royal Rootz.


Starting a business can be challenging. What were some of the initial obstacles you faced, and how did you overcome them to establish Royal Rootz successfully?


Consistency was Joseph's initial challenge, but he realized the purpose in the process. He emphasizes, "I also realized that it wasn’t any real pressure and that it had to be done!" His unwavering dedication and clarity of purpose carried him through the hurdles.


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those who aim to start a business that contributes positively to their community?


Joseph offers sage advice: "Be prepared to comprehend whatever comes during the process, good and bad, and move accordingly. If it’s truly your passion, then everything that should align will most definitely come how it’s supposed to. Hard times are inevitable but still temporary."


Rooted in Gratitude


Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers, whether it's about Royal Rootz, your personal journey, or your vision for the future?


Joseph's message is one of gratitude: "I’d like to thank all that are supporters of what me and others are doing in regards to helping our communities maintain health and overcome any other adversities from the most natural/holistic perspective possible. I'm here to help our communities get back rooted in what our ancestors left behind."


In conclusion, Royal Rootz is not just a business; it's a passion, a movement, and a commitment to the well-being of its community. Joseph Coleman's journey is an inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding us that success is possible when driven by a true passion for health and wellness.


Contact via Instagram: @royalrootzllc 

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