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Article by Marlon Malbry

November 2023

Johnathon Bounds: A New Chapter in Fitness and Community Engagement



In an exclusive and reflective conversation with Johnathon Bounds, better known as JJ The Trainer, unveils his transformative journey from being a part of the collaborative team at Xplicit J3 to pioneering his solo endeavor in the fitness industry. At the prime age of 31, this Grenada, MS native is not just changing the fitness landscape in Jackson but also molding a new path in community engagement.


The Turning Point:

Johnathon’s decision to part ways with Xplicit J3 was marked by introspection and a desire for independence. "Honestly, it was just time to do my own thing," he shares with a tone of resolution. Reflecting on the journey with his business partners, he acknowledges the emotional rollercoaster, especially the challenges in sustaining the business financially. Yet, amidst these challenges lay profound memories. "One of the most profound memories was creating a real business that touched the city and made a real impact in people’s lives ," he reminisces, recalling the impact they made.


The New Identity of JJ The Trainer:

Stepping out as Johnathon Bounds, the entrepreneur, marks a significant phase in his career. It's a blend of accomplishment from the past and excitement for the future. Dispelling any notion of pressure, Johnathon reveals a sense of liberation in pursuing his own path. "To be honest, I do not really feel any pressure," he asserts, attributing his confidence to the lessons learned as a co-owner.


Entrepreneurial Changes:

The transition from partnership to solo entrepreneurship has its nuances. "The difference is while working with my business partner, I really limited myself then," Johnathon explains. Now, every decision, every risk, and every triumph rests solely on his shoulders. This shift from shared responsibilities to complete autonomy has been both challenging and exhilarating.


Unmasking JJ The Trainer:

Behind the persona of JJ The Trainer is Johnathon Bounds, a man shaped by his upbringing in Grenada, MS. Growing up in a bustling household and being actively involved in sports has significantly influenced his career path in fitness. Addressing misconceptions, Johnathon is candid: "I’ve heard things such as I mess with every client in the gym..." He vehemently refutes these claims, asserting his professionalism and dedication to his clients' success.


Community First:

The launch of Xplicit J Health & Wellness is a testament to Johnathon’s expanding role in community work. His initiative in reaching out to schools and supporting the homeless is driven by a heartfelt desire to give back. “Just going out to different schools and helping with the homeless itself just made me want to really do more for the community,” he expresses, highlighting the emotional fulfillment derived from these endeavors.


Johnathon's Impact on the Youth:

Interacting with the youth at schools, Johnathon shares a vital insight. “To sum up my emotions I feel that our youth just want to be heard and deserve to be listened to.” His approach, grounded in empathy and understanding, has the potential to foster a positive change. He emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and understanding in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.


The Road Ahead:

Looking forward, Johnathon is optimistic about expanding his brand and influence. “In the next year, the goal is to see JJ_thetrainer with all his accomplishments expanding the brand to another state,” he predicts, showcasing his ambition and vision for the future.


Manifesting the Future:

In a contemplative tone, Johnathon shares his vision for the next five years. “In the next five years, God will have me in a place with minimal complications and where I am at peace while being able to give God-willing.” His aspirations go beyond personal success; they encompass a broader ambition of peace, well-being, and philanthropy.


Reflecting on 2023:

Johnathon concludes with a reflective note on 2023, a year marked by personal and professional challenges. Despite setbacks and the loss of close associates, he views these experiences as growth opportunities. "This year was definitely a set back but reflectively I see it being a year of growth and learning while being  more so about people and business,” he acknowledges, embracing the lessons learned with a positive outlook.

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