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Article by Marlon Malbry

Edited by Jayla Pugh

September 2022

                                            You Can't Outsmart JaBria

One of our greatest editions yet welcomes a giant social media star in the making named JaBria! JaBria is a child star that has taken the country by storm with her “JaBria, Are You Smart?” segments on TikTok. JaBria is a young child with an everlasting bright future ahead of her along with loving parents to match. To begin our interview, we asked Jabria, how it feels to be an inspiration to children who are around her age. With a loving smile she answered, “It makes me feel great to be a kid that other kids look up to.” Being a celebrity comes with its fair share of monumental experiences in life and of course we asked JaBria about hers. “My first flight to California was with my brother La’Ron to film a show and I like taking pictures when people notice me,” she said. Everyone knows that when meeting any celebrity they are always asked about what said celebrity is known for. For example, Miley Cyrus playing the fictional character, Hannah Montana.  We talked to JaBria about this quality of being a celebrity and she responded, “They ask to take pictures and always ask ‘JaBria, Are You Smart?’” JaBria’s bright personality has landed her a gig on one of the most popular kids shows on television: Blues Clues. “It was so fun and I was so happy! The people were really nice,” she stated. We discussed about the shock factor about this whole process and asked mom if she ever believed that things would take off like this. She responded, “No. At first I thought it was just going to be TikTok videos for fun and then it went viral and after that everything changed for the better of course.”


JaBria’s devout and loving mother accompanied her to the interview and we asked her what is it like having a chid in the limelight. She responded, “As a mother I am so proud of JaBria. She is full of personality and to know her is to love her. Having her in the limelight does make me more cautious of our surroundings at all times. I always look to protect her at all cost. It also makes me more critical about her overall appearance making sure she is always dressed cute because we never know who will see her when we are out and about doing our daily activities.” We asked mom about going places and JaBria getting recognized and she said, “It feels great to see people asking about ‘JaBria from TikTok’. They always take that moment to get pictures and talk to her!” JaBria has nerves of steel even as a child because she rarely gets nervous when speaking infront of people. We asked her about this experience and she responded, “Most of the time I’m not nervous. I love being the center of attention.” JaBria has had the opportunity to work with multiple major brands in the US and we asked mom about it. “I never thought a 6 year old would be working as much as she does. It just seems so unreal for her to be making money at such a young age but JaBria does enjoy every part of the process,”she said.
















With living the life of a celebrity comes major adjustments. We inquired about their personal adjustments. Her mom stated, “I had to make changes in my own career and switched jobs. It is a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make so that I would be available on weekends and in the evenings. That gives me time to help her with things such as auditions and brand deals.” The humble beginnings of the entirety of this process began with La’Ron Hines. La’Ron wanted JaBria to be apart of the concept of social media and hopefully making the most out of it. We asked mom if she was reluctant to do so and she responded with, “La’Ron never approached me his mom did. La’Ron’s parents are JaBria’s godparents. His mom explained everything to me and I was onboard. I was never reluctant because of the trust I have for her godparents. They absolutely love JaBria and always have her best interest at heart. I also knew they have managed Ron’s career from a very young age and understood the business.” We then asked about some of the best moments that she has had watching JaBria’s rise to stardom. She replied, “It has been amazing to watch her on ads, television and social media platforms and it brings joy to my heart to hear her all over the world. The most excitement I have felt must have been seeing her on Golden Globes on national television.” We know that balancing school and business can be tough considering that JaBria has such a heavy social media presence. We asked about this experience and her mom replied, “It has not really been that hard. The biggest adjustment is getting use to her traveling without me being there because that’s still my little girl. I was reluctant at first but now I know that when her godparents go, she is going. She will be safe and well taken care of. They have more flexible schedules and can hop on a plane at any time and do not mind doing so. She has a great support system and we understand it takes a village. All of us make sure that the job gets done. We all share the title of manager, better yet momager.”


We asked JaBria what is her favorite show and favorite book. She answered, “My favorite show is ‘That Girl Lay Lay,’ and my favorite books are ‘My New School’ and ‘Hair Love.’ The both are things I love: school and hair.” We also asked JaBria, “When it comes to doing well in school, how important is doing well to you and how do you like to spend your free time?” She confidently answered, “I always want to make good grades and get all happy faces. With my free time I like to watch YouTube, TikTok and play with my brothers.” As we approach the conclusion of our interview, we asked JaBria our last and final question. We always end our interviews with a manifestation on things to come for our guests. We asked JaBria one of her main goals in life. In addition to this, we asked her to manifest where she sees herself in 15 years. She answered,  “I want to be a teacher and an actress. I want to have my own TV show like Lay Lay!”

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