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Article by Marlon Malbry

July 2023

An Intimate Conversation with District Office Candidate Fabian Nelson

For anyone seeking a genuine voice of advocacy in Mississippi, Fabian Nelson is a name to pay attention to. His profound determination to make a difference and his years of community service have spurred him into running for a district office. Here's an insightful Q&A with Fabian, offering a look into his aspirations and strategies for his potential term.

Fabian, what inspired you to run for this office?

Fabian was driven to run by the inadequacies he observed in the last legislative session. He expressed his concern about voter suppression laws, the enactment of unconstitutional laws, the unsuccessful restoration of a ballot initiative, and the state's failure to fully fund education. He affirmed, "I want a better Mississippi for my children. I want my children to grow up in a state where they feel wanted and included."

What are your primary goals if elected?

Affordable healthcare for all Mississippians stands high on Fabian's agenda. He is equally invested in ensuring a comprehensive education for children and meeting citizens' basic needs to foster economic development.

How do you plan to tackle the pressing issues in our district?

Fabian believes in addressing the basic needs of the community first. To this end, he is advocating for the expansion of Medicaid to ensure access to quality healthcare for all Mississippians.

What qualifies you to be the best candidate for this position?

The lens of his personal experiences as a single parent of four, a small business owner, and a community leader gives Fabian a deep understanding of the district's needs. He understands the struggles of small businesses and the importance of collective action for community preservation.

How do you plan to maintain transparency and accountability?

Fabian commits to maintaining open communication with his constituents, explaining his voting rationale, and inviting feedback. He plans to hold regular town hall meetings to discuss pending legislation and gather community input.

How will you collaborate with other elected officials?

Fabian emphasizes the importance of collaboration and fostering good relationships with other elected officials. He intends to involve other officials in town hall meetings and maintain a keen ear on the community's pulse.

How do you plan to promote economic growth and job opportunities?

Believing that meeting basic needs lays the groundwork for economic growth, Fabian is committed to ensuring that Mississippi becomes more business-friendly. He is focusing on necessities like safe drinking water, crime prevention, and broadband expansion.

Where do you stand on education funding and school improvement?

Fabian, a fervent supporter of fully funding education, is committed to fighting daily to ensure that schools receive adequate funding. He emphasizes, "Some of the brightest scholars in Mississippi attend Jackson Public Schools and Hinds County School District."

What is your approach to affordable housing and homelessness?

With a background as a Real Estate Broker and through financial literacy courses, Fabian has worked with families to secure housing. He plans to adequately fund mental health services and work with community organizations to address homelessness.


How do you plan to improve public transportation and infrastructure?

Fabian commits to ensuring that the recently received federal money for broadband expansion benefits all areas of District 66 that currently lack broadband.

How will you engage with the local community?

Believing in an open-door policy, Fabian seeks to be a public servant who is approachable and accessible. He has been encouraging conversation and interaction during his campaign and intends to maintain this approach.


How will you promote diversity, equity, and inclusion?

As a legislator, Fabian will fight against any discriminatory bill. He stresses, "Every single Mississippian deserves the same rights! This will not only promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in District 66; this will promote it throughout our entire state."


How will you support small businesses and entrepreneurship?

Drawing from his experience as a small business owner, Fabian plans to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and teach financial literacy. He also plans to introduce legislation that supports small businesses.


What measures do you propose for addressing crime and ensuring public safety?

Fabian commits to passing legislation that addresses crime and reforms the criminal justice system. He is an advocate for public safety as well as criminal justice reform.

How do you plan to advocate for healthcare accessibility and affordability?

Fabian plans to fight tirelessly for Medicaid expansion and recruit healthcare providers for rural areas. He recognizes the dire need for this, stating, "If we don't expand Medicaid, our hospitals will continue to close."


What are your views on tax policies?

He firmly states, "I am not in favor of any additional taxes; Hinds County is one of the highest-taxed (per capita) counties in Mississippi."

What is your stance on gun control and responsible firearm ownership?

Fabian supports responsible firearm ownership and advocates for more robust background checks, mandatory gun safety courses, and a ban on assault rifles.

How do you plan to foster unity within our district?

Having started to foster relationships between small businesses in different communities, Fabian aims to build bridges by organizing district events that encourage fellowship.

Can you manifest something that you want for the district within the next 5 years?

In Fabian's vision for the future, District 66 will be the greatest in Mississippi, filled with change, unity, and potential. "I will work tirelessly for my constituents to make this dream a reality. District 66 is overpouring with talent and the resources to be the greatest in Mississippi," he concludes.

Through this conversation, we have glimpsed the determined and thoughtful leadership that Fabian Nelson could bring to the table. His vision of unity and progress for District 66 sets a compelling case for his candidacy.

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