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Article by Marlon Malbry

Edited by Dorian Ducksworth

August 2022

                                            Letting The Blessings Rain

April Showers is the name of this aspiring entrepreneur in the Jackson Metro area. Being from Jackson, MS helped cultivate her inclination towards entrepreneurship due to the fact that “I love Jackson, which is not exactly a major city but a palace that keeps me humble. It showed me that I should always persevere my circumstances and grind 10 times harder to get where I want to be in life” says Showers. We went on to ask her what inspired her to get into the hair business specifically and she responded with “You can say its a family thing honestly. My mom owned a hair store when I was little and I would always be in there stocking products and adding the pricing labels to them. It’s almost like I was born into this industry.” She continued with, “ I loved playing in hair color, dying bundles, making wigs and almost anything else you can name when it comes to hair. The thing that sent my grind into overdrive as an adult was the loss of my brother after I graduated college. I began making wigs to cope with tragedy I my family and that is truly where Luxy Life was born. It was my escape from reality.” We went on to ask her about the trails and tribulations when it came down to building the brand and of course finances is always the main problem when it comes to starting a small business. “ I had no clue about business although being well educated with a Bachelors in Biology. I had no idea what an EIN number was or what an LLC stood for at the time but luckily my is an entrepreneur and she taught me about business.

Something every person in business knows about and yearns for is that first sale. That first sign that you are headed in the right direction as a business owner and the first obstacle you must overcome to prove to yourself this is something I should be doing. “It was during Thanksgiving ironically. I was in bed posting about the website being open and accessible. A little while passed then I got the notification for my first customer Ms. Natalie Allen! She purchased a body wave bundle deal, and I couldn't believe it. All of my hard work came down to this moment and I never looked back,” Showers description of her first sale. Dealing with high volume while being the sole owner and operator of a business is hectic and we had to ask how does she manage to do it. Showers explains, “ It is stressful because not only do i deal with the orders I also have to deal with things that go wrong with the website, keeping up with social media trends and everything else that comes along with this type of business. It is a lot but is so rewarding and I am extremely thankful for it. I love seeing the pictures of Luxy Babes shouting out the platform when wearing their hair. I love seeing my customers confidence shoot through the roof and the smile of their faces knowing they love their hair!”

















Gaining notoriety and loyalty from a customer base is integral to longevity in business and April got plenty of it. “ It didn’t take long to gain loyal customers because once you try out Luxy Life’s hair quality you’ll be back sis! I love all of my customers and without you none of this would be possible, “ Showers says. Everyone that knows the hair game would say that it is a “ saturated “ market so we wondered how could she be so successful if that is the case and what makes her brand stand out amongst others.

“ 1. By being genuine and honest with my customers: I’m always myself! I’m not this bougie business owner with a lot of money and no problems. I’m just like my customers. I like going to 4th and having a great time with my friends just like they do! Also, I use my own products and me and my customers wear the same hair! A lot of business owners will keep the good products for themselves and sell the lower quality items but that’s not me. I’m a genuine person and my customers can tell and I think that’s why I’ve been so successful.

2. Our Hair Quality is Amazing: Luxy Life’s quality always gives! I have the best bundles in Jackson hands down. Over 1,000 reviews later and all Luxy Babes will tell you the same thing. We only wear the best and our bundles are unmatched!

3. Top Tier Customer Service: I hear from a customer everyday that Luxy Life has the best customer service they have ever experienced! I stop at nothing to make sure each customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase and leave with a smile on their face! I even write hand written thank you notes to customers for shopping with me. I love making my customers feel special because they are!

4. Easy Shopping & Customers Receive Their Hair As Fast As Possible: To make sure all our customers receive their hair ASAP, all bundles ship the same day! We offer pick up as well as overnight shipping. So if you’re local, you can always pick up. If not, you can have your hair overnighted to you anywhere in the us.

Finally: We also offer payment plans! So you can pay 25% online and pick up your hair the same day. Our most popular bundles are our Body Wave due to them being the most versatile and last over 2 years if properly maintained. They can be straightened or curled and have plenty of body.“

We asked about April’s support system and she described it as simply, “ My Mom!” she went on to explain that, “ I vent to her at least 3 times a week about what is going on in business and I know she gets tired of me. She never stops listening though and reminds me that I can do this and that is huge! When your working for yourself there is nobody there to push you so you have to find the motivation within yourself and the days where I'm all over the place she always is there to keep me on track as well as my customers!”


The role of motivation as an entrepreneur can never go undervalued. It plays a vital role in how someone just continues to dig deep and push toward their end goals. Motivation is the key component in starting a business as well as keeping it flourishing over the years. When asked about what keeps her motivated April’s answer was interesting, “Sometimes I don’t have motivation because I am human. I just truly enjoy making people happy! When my customers come and tell me how much they love their hair and tell me how they can’t wait to shop with me again it pushes me to keep going because I know I'm providing something priceless. Endless smiles on people's faces because my customers deserve the best of the best!”

When asked about her most memorable moment with her brand April said, “ My 100 thousand dollar photo shoot! The first year in business we generated over 100 thousand in sales.”

We always like to end things here at The Jacksonian with manifestation. Manifesting something into your life, business, academic career or anything at all. We asked April to manifest and she responded with the following: “ Luxy Life will be a million dollar business and the biggest hair company to come out of Jackson! Also, I would love to work with big name influencers like Jayda and Ari. I want to do a Boss Women Brunch where a group of all female entrepreneurs get together yearly to network and connect. I want to inspire young women coming after me. Don’t let society box you in girl. Live your best life.

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