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Thee Jacksonian

Entrepreneurship + Entertainment 

We are a media company that covers all things pertaining to entertainment and business. “Thee List”, is where fans and our committee vote for the top 50 people in their respective fields. We have 3 periods where we update the list- March, July, and December. We only release the 4-60 top people per category in December and announce the final 3 in January during our awards ceremony. Each person at the number 1 position on Thee List will receive an award during the show and be inducted to the "Hall of Honor". 

As you can see, we dabble in a little of everything at Thee Jacksonian. Spreading positivity and hope was all part of a dream set forth by our Founder and CEO, Dorian Ducksworth. Our slogan is “You Just Have To Believe”, and we believed in a vision and took our chance at it.


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